Ottery St Mary Consulting, have delivered many successful projects across the world, and specialise in long term placements delivering lasting and positive change



OSMC have spent the last 10 years assisting companies all over the world. Set up in 2008 by Dean Stewart and Daniel HIller, for 11 years the company was known as Betley Bridge Consulting Ltd, being based at Betley Farm just outside Brighton in the South of England. In 2017 the company relocated to Devon and is now known as Ottery St Mary Consulting Ltd.

We are change and growth experts, specialising in people, systems and processes. We believe if you give people the right tools - hardware, software, training, support and encouragement then great things can be achieved.

Who we have helped

We have worked extensively across the world and our team have supported the following customers:

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Vueling
  • Iberia
  • Royal Air Force
  • Greener Ottery
  • Aircraft Commerce Consulting
  • Flybe
  • In My Back Yard
  • Air Tanker
  • Air Malta
  • Monarch Airlines
  • Jet2

What We Deliver

Business Technical Experience

Business Technical Experience

Business Technical Experience


We have implemented, delivered and managed various management systems in civilian and military environments

We can carry out full system reviews and fine-tune configuration to ensure best use for your business, set up user accounts and access and test and develop system modules.

Identify opportunities to automate and reduce manual effort

Work with IT department and Vendors to ensure that best practices are in place

We can train your users from System Administrators down to read only users


Our team have now worked in over 50 companies across the globe of all sizes, shapes and varieties. We understand how businesses work and what is needed to get your team working efficiently and smoothly. We work with people at all levels and we achieve results.

Airline Operations

Business Technical Experience

Business Technical Experience


Our team have extensive civilian and military experience

We have been responsible for planning air to air refueling missions globally across international fleets

Long haul, ETOPS, regional and short haul experience. Created, staffed and equipped planning departments and trained, mentored and developed staff.  

We have provided interim leadership and management in the Crew Planning, Crewing Delivery and Air Crew Training fields. Responsible for establishment planning, recruitment, initial training, mentoring and development of all staff to deliver crew planning functions. Responsible for ensuring full compliance with EASA, FAA and other government rules, while negotiating and implementing union agreements.

Audits and Assessment

Business Technical Experience

Audits and Assessment


Define the departments and high level processes of your business.

What is automated, what is manual, what is missing

Who owns the process?

Who owns the data?

Define the department structure

Map the flow of data

Interview key users, project managers, department heads

Discuss IT / HR Roadmap, compare to airline fleet plan

Talk to Vendor Account Managers

Review user training plan and internal support

Prepare safety case for change

Prepare vendor selection process 

Transition & Change

Transition & Change

Audits and Assessment


A company needs its systems, and we firmly believe that a system will only ever be as good as the people who manage them.

Each part of the system needs ownership, administration and care!

•Functionality •Data •Hardware and Access •Training •Support 

Each of these areas need to be understood, controlled, monitored and maintained.

One of our core beliefs is that we can measure the efficiency, relevance and operational performance of a business by studying the data flow through the departments, and tracing the costs and expenses generated in the department.  

We believe there are fundamental elements that all have to be inline to make any company successful

•Leadership •Engagement •Systems •Just Culture •Communication 

It is very difficult for companies to grow and develop and keep their employees engaged and motivated. Systems which were bought in the early days may no longer do the job, or may be used in entirely the wrong way. People need to be able to speak up and be listened to. 

Particularly the listened to part…


Management Support

Transition & Change

Management Support


Service supporting key directors as you navigate your way through the minefield of taking a business through a transition or transformation project.

Businesses mature and outgrow the original remit, needing new approaches and new systems and procedures to continue to thrive and grow.

Even for successful businesses the regulatory burden increases significantly, and new requirements may be beyond the experience of existing staff.

We will develop your management and teams through constant, relevant and essential communication up and down the company. We involve everyone.

We prefer to identify smaller individual projects and direct resources to those, rather than try to change the whole company in one go.


High Level Transition Plan to identify key steps to change

With customer prepare initial business case to identify requirements, expected benefits, expected costs and outcomes

Design physical spaces for best practice and lines of communication

Prepare detailed business case including recommendation for change

Prepare for change with workshops and trials

Review business case for benefits and expectations

Local Expertise

Transition & Change

Management Support


Nowhere I have ever been has as many weird and wonderful traditions as Ottery St Mary, and it makes it a wonderful place to live. But the traditions are only there because the people have that sense of community, a sense of history and continuity, and a desire to keep alive those events that bring people together. Food and Families, Pixies, Barrels, Late Night Shopping, Carnival and so many other wonderful events organised by local groups for the benefit of all. 

We are at the heart of these events.

Our Managing Director, Dean Stewart is a local Town Councillor. He is Chair of the Finance Committee and proposed and passed a Climate Change Emergency.

He set up Greener Ottery, a not for profit organisation that leads the climate response in East Devon, planting a Community Orchard and encouraging the growth of renewable energy.

He is also Chair of the Ottery St Mary Business Forum.

We are proud sponsors of the Otterettes, Ottery St Mary Ladies Football Club.